How to make a Java array List with different ints and arrayList


I know this may sound very silly but this is my problem.

I want a List of people. Where each person has following information about them.

  1. Number of fingers they have (int)
  2. Ward numbers they have been so far (it's a list of ints),
  3. Number of days they have been admitted in hospital (int)

I have no idea what to do here. I know how to make 2d array list of ints but the problem is that list of ward number messes everything up.

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Create a Person bean class

public class Person {
  private int fingers;
  private int days;
  private List<Integer> wardNumbers;
  //getter setters


And create a List<Person> patientList= new ArrayList<Person>

So you can store the details as person wise. Or

Create a Map<String,Person> patientMap = new HashMap<String,Person> So you can get the person wise details by patientMap.get("personName");

Update(doesn't recommend) for your restriction(as per comment) :

/**All information**/
List<Object> personInfo = new ArrayList<Object>();

/**Ward Number**/
List<Integer> wardNum = new ArrayList<Integer>();

personInfo.add(5);  //days
personInfo.add(6);  //fingers

personInfo.add(wardNum); //ward number

Map<String,List<Object>> patientMap = new HashMap<String,List<Object>>();
patientMap.put("patient1", personInfo);

System.out.println(patientMap.get("patient1").get(2));//Ward Number
By : Sam

Here is the general idea how to use EventWaitHandles. You need to Reset it before doing the work, and Set it when you are done.

In the example below I have made the ResetEvent property static, but I suggest you pass the instance somehow instead, I just could not do it without more details about your architecture.

class Login
     private Thread performThread;
     public static ManualResetEvent ResetEvent { get; set; }
     public bool Login(Userinfo)
        // do tasks like authenticate
            //continue to homepage

    private void PerformLoginAsyncThread(UserInfo)
        performThread = new Thread(() => 
            //do stuff

class HomePage
    public void OnClickFindProduct
        bool finishedPostLoginThread = Login.ResetEvent.WaitOne(8000);
            // proceed to Find Product page
            //If taking more than 8 seconds, throw message and exit app
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I don't have the privalage to comment but you can use the required field as follows

 <input type="radio" name="question-1-answers" id="question-1-answers-A" value="A" required=true />

using this way the user will have to click all the required fields before submitting a form.

This video can help you solving your question :)
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