ImportError: No module named hmmlearn.hmm python 2.7

    1. I got this error in python script:
  • from hmmlearn.hmm import
  • GaussianHMM I know I need some libraries thats why I ran following

     git clone git://  
     pip install -U --user hmmlearn

I getting stuck because of this problem. I didn't get any solution, I tried google and many commands but problem still happen.


I solved this by cloning the repository and running:

sudo python install

It seems like according to the git-hub page of the repo it requires specific versions of some packages. Make sure you do a pip upgrade for all those packages

  • Python >=2.6
  • numpy >= 1.9.3
  • scipy >= 0.16.0
  • scikit-learn >= 0.16

then try it will work

to upgrade a package do simple pip install --upgrade <package-name>

By : armak

This video can help you solving your question :)
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