Redirection to WhatsApp application from custom URL

By : Toz

I have to prepare an analysis about redirecting from a web site to the WhatsApp appication in the purpose to send a message. I read the documentation at and I noticed the use of whatsapp://send?text inside the href attribute of a link.

I want to know the behavior of this feature when WhatsApp is not installed in the user device and I found nothing about in the documentation.

By : Toz


Thats what you called deep linking. Using hyperlinks to redirect to your app when installed and to play store (if deployed to play store) when not installed. One example that uses deep linking is facebook, but facebook uses http uri which you can choose to open to the app or to the browser as the http uri scheme is known to be a browser's uri. If you are using custom uri, then the deep link must be triggered by a browser. Refer Here for example using deeplink in chrome browser

This may help you

SELECT date,MIN(Starttime),MAX(Endtime) FROM your_table 
  WHERE CONCAT(date,' ',Starttime) >= CONCAT(?,' ',?) 
   AND CONCAT(date,' ',Starttime) < CONCAT(DATE_ADD(?,INTERVAL 1 DAY),' ',?) 
  GROUP BY date,HOUR(Starttime)

Give your input for '?' like below.

SELECT date,MIN(Starttime),MAX(Endtime) FROM your_table 
  WHERE CONCAT(date,' ',Starttime) >= CONCAT('2016-08-11',' ','06:30:00') 
   AND CONCAT(date,' ',Starttime) < CONCAT(DATE_ADD('2016-08-11',INTERVAL 1 DAY),' 06:30:00') 
  GROUP BY date,HOUR(Starttime)
By : Ponnarasu

There may be a chance of string value in the column RVU.MA. Try out with the below query to find out such descrepancies.


This video can help you solving your question :)
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