Negative Acknowledgement to RabbitMQ Queue to Re-Queue the Message using Spring AMQP


I have an application which uses spring AMQP for consuming and producing messages to other application. I have a scenario where some of the exception occurred i need to re-queue back to RabbitMQ. For some exceptions i need to ignore (Basically i need to ignore the message no need to requeue)

Currently in below code, i have set the configuration as


But my requirement is to dynamically reject for some messages and re-queue back to RabbitMQ for some messages.

Please suggest

    public SimpleRabbitListenerContainerFactory rabbitListenerContainerFactory() {
        SimpleRabbitListenerContainerFactory factory = new SimpleRabbitListenerContainerFactory();
        Jackson2JsonMessageConverter messageConverter = new Jackson2JsonMessageConverter();
        DefaultClassMapper classMapper = new DefaultClassMapper();
        Map<String, Class<?>> idClassMapping = new HashMap<String, Class<?>>();
        idClassMapping.put(Constants.JOB_TYPE_ID_, JobListenerDTO.class);
        return factory;


You can't do it that way around (default false).

To do it selectively you have to set defaultRequeueRejected to true and throw AmqpRejectAndDontRequeueRejected for any you want discarded.

You can encapsulate your desired logic in an ErrorHandler.

The default error handler does exactly that for a certain list of exceptions, as documented here - you can inject a custom FatalExceptionStrategy.

But for conditional rejection, the defaultRequeueRejected must be true.


factory.setErrorHandler(new ConditionalRejectingErrorHandler(t -

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