Spring certifications


I want to know what are the certifications available in Spring framework like we have OCJP and OCWCD for Java, How to do them, who is the provider and cost for the certification in USA. Can someone help me?


You can see here


But in order to take the exame you have to enroll in the course first. When you have taken the course you're given a boucher to take the exam.

To get Spring Professional certification you need to take Core Spring course.

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You never explicitly initialize the contents of marked, or, more accurately, the contents of the array that it points to.

The loop in your constructor reads elements of marked to decide how to assign to color, but you never initialized the elements of marked being read.

Similiar argument for color and edgeTo.

This means that, while they may have had the expected initializations for the first case, may well be using whatever value happened to be there in later cases.

The descriptions are mandatory for any content you or any frameworks you link against attempt to access. The errors are generated upon an attempt to access the content if a usage description was not supplied, so if you're getting those errors your app must be requesting them. You should discover why your app or its frameworks require these and add appropriate usage descriptions to your app's info.plist.

Or more ideally, if you don't need access, see if there's a way to not request it (or use frameworks that do unnecessarily).

This video can help you solving your question :)
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