Imagic magic processing of scan images

By : Abhinay

I am uploading a pic of document taken with my smart phone to my linux server. On my linux server i am using image magic to cut the edges and do some processing(like gray color coding) to make it look like a scanned document. Below is one sample imageenter image description here

I want to trim the image so that only the paper is selected and do further processing to make it look like a scanned image, similar to what cam scanner does. Can you please help me in achieving this.

Note: I want the parameters for image magic tool to be generic so that i can use the same command line options to process images taken under different conditions of light.

By : Abhinay


I agree with @Mark. However, I can offer a starting point that may help you get going in the right direction:

Isolate the Paper: Assuming the paper is sufficiently contrasted against the background you can use something like:

 ## make the background transparent 
 convert 'input_image' \( -clone 0 -fill black -fuzz 10% +opaque "rgb(1,1,1)" -transparent black \) -delete 0 'transp_image'

You will have to change the rgb color values to match the 'white' color of the paper. The display command in imagemagick has a nice utility for this. Also you can play with the -fuzz percentage to isolate the paper only.

Remove the Background: Hopefully the above code will make all areas outside the paper transparent in which case you can trim away the background:

 ## trim the transparent background away
 convert 'transp_image' -trim 'isolat_image'

From there you can do fancier things like changing the perspective. Try looking into -distort in imagemagick ( Though I am not sure how you would apply a distortion in a loop to pictures taken by hand -- each picture would probably require specific input parameters.

Good luck!

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