TabLayout's tabIndicator custom width can be changed?

By : y07k2

Let's say I got something like this:

current width of tabIndicator

but I want something like this:

target width of tabIndicator

Is there a chance to do it cause I cannot find anything about tabIndicator's width...

By : y07k2


I have founded a library that could help you:

MUL requires all operands to be registers, so you must use the form MUL r0, rn, r0 where rn is some other suitable register.

If the result and the first operand are the same the result is unpredictable as the error says. This is due to the internal operation of the processor. This is why you must use r0, rn, r0 and not r0, r0, rn

Alternatively, you could omit return and block braces, but the function body should be one liner with implicit return:

render() {
      {, index) => <MyComponent disturbingVariable={100 + index}/>)}

More about implicit return here

By : leo

This video can help you solving your question :)
By: admin