Setting Group Type for new Active Directory Entry in VB.NET


I'm trying to set the group type for a new Active Directory Entry via VB.NET and DirectoryServices to create a distribution list.

How do I access the ADS_GROUP_TYPE enumerations?

Specifically I'm after ADS_GROUP_TYPE_GLOBAL_GROUP.


Add a reference to the com ActiveDS Dll and import the namespace using ActiveDS, then you will get the above enum value.

I don't think I can access the enumerations via .NET so instead I created the specific constant I needed. For what it's worth here's my code:

        Const ADS_GROUP_TYPE_GLOBAL_GROUP As Object = &H2
        adNewGroup.Properties("groupType").Value = ADS_GROUP_TYPE_GLOBAL_GROUP

Refactoring welcome!

You're correct, you can't actually get access to the enumerations.

Just a wee nitpick, this constant doesn't need to be an object, you can make it an int32 -


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