Google does not index my multi-language website


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The issue that Google indexes the website only in English and when I look at the search results on, the indexed content is in English.

I have gone through all the required stuff on both the Google Webmaster Console adding both FR and EN. I added hreflang attributes in both meta and links (the two links that lead to another language)... But nothing happens, all the content is just indexed in English.


for this you have create page for fr language so google will consider both are differnt page and will cr

By : Kirti

The problem is that you are using the same URL for both languages (see answer with more details).

Furthermore, with rel-alternate hreflang you should point to translations of the current document, but you always seem to point to /en//fr (which then redirects to /). So for example, the following declaration on is wrong:

By : unor

This video can help you solving your question :)
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