web2py or grok (zope) on a big portal,

By : Robert
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I am planning to make some big project (1 000 000 users, approximately 500 request pre second - in hot time). For performance I'm going to use no relational dbms (each request could cost lot of instructions in relational dbms like mysql) - so i can't use DAL.

My question is:

  1. how web2py is working with a big traffic, is it work concurrently? I'm consider to use web2py or Gork - Zope,
  2. How is working zodb(Z Object Database) with a lot of data? Is there some comparison with object-relational postgresql?

Could you advice me please.

By : Robert


Zope and the ZODB have been used with big applications, but I'd still consider linking Zope with MySQL or something like that for serious large-scale applications. Even though Zope has had a lot of development cycles, it is usually used with another database engine for good reason. As far as I know, the argument applies doubly for web2py.

By : GregD

I agree with mikerobi - pick what will let you develop fastest. For me that is web2py.

web2py runs on Google App Engine, so if you don't want to use a relational database then you can use Google's datastore.

By : hoju

This video can help you solving your question :)
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