React Native Debug (Chrome): “Activate Breakpoints” not working as expected


In a React Native project, I have some breakpoints (in Google Chrome DevTools).

I then decide to deactivate them and switch the "Activate Breakpoints" button to "blue" color: enter image description here

...which works (no breakpoints are triggered while I continue running the application).

However, when I reload the application the breakpoints do trigger despite the "non-activated" flag exists:

enter image description here

This should not be happening.

The only way to ignore the breakpoints is: - Activate them again - Press F8 to continue - Deactivate them (then, the application continues running without breakpoints).

Is this a known bug? Do you also experience it and if yes is there any solution to this?

Thank you!

RN developer tools are still in testing phase. For MAC they are more stable than comparing to windows. The reason is actually the bundling of assests and js files. the console takes it as a single file and then distributes it to different files that are showing in the workingdebugger.js file. So it recreates them every time you reload the app.

By : Ankit

This video can help you solving your question :)
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