how moodle save user quiz response in database?

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how moodle1.9 save user attempt quiz result in database and which tables are updated when any quiz has been attempted by user?

Please guide me.

If possible please updated me, which functions are used to insert user quiz attempted data in moodle1.9 database?

By : vkwave


From the attempt.php file (Moodle 1.9.7):

$attempt = quiz_create_attempt($quiz, $attemptnumber);


if (!$attempt->id = insert_record('quiz_attempts', $attempt)) {
            error('Could not create new attempt');

From locallib.php:

 * Creates an object to represent a new attempt at a quiz
 * Creates an attempt object to represent an attempt at the quiz by the current
 * user starting at the current time. The ->id field is not set. The object is
 * NOT written to the database.
 * @return object                The newly created attempt object.
 * @param object $quiz           The quiz to create an attempt for.
 * @param integer $attemptnumber The sequence number for the attempt.
function quiz_create_attempt($quiz, $attemptnumber) {
    global $USER, $CFG;

    if (!$attemptnumber > 1 or !$quiz->attemptonlast or !$attempt = get_record('quiz_attempts', 'quiz', $quiz->id, 'userid', $USER->id, 'attempt', $attemptnumber-1)) {
        // we are not building on last attempt so create a new attempt
        $attempt->quiz = $quiz->id;
        $attempt->userid = $USER->id;
        $attempt->preview = 0;
        if ($quiz->shufflequestions) {
            $attempt->layout = quiz_repaginate($quiz->questions, $quiz->questionsperpage, true);
        } else {
            $attempt->layout = $quiz->questions;

    $timenow = time();
    $attempt->attempt = $attemptnumber;
    $attempt->sumgrades = 0.0;
    $attempt->timestart = $timenow;
    $attempt->timefinish = 0;
    $attempt->timemodified = $timenow;
    $attempt->uniqueid = question_new_attempt_uniqueid();

    return $attempt;

Please refer to the source code for major details.

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