library not found for -lsqlite3


Hello friends I'm new in iOS. I'm creating an app using sqlite. the app is running perfectly in simulator but not working in iPhone device. I search a lot but not getting the right solution. I got a link but it also not worked for me.

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I downloaded some demo app of sqlite, but all apps showing same error. I'm not understanding what happened. PLZ help me I stuck with this issue.


The problem is my Xcode. I deleted my sqlite library by mistake that's it is not showing my sqlite library path. I uninstalled and installed new Xcode, and my issue resolved.

see the libsqlite3.o.tbd is shows on red color , just delete and add again and finally clean and run once .the visibility shows as black not red, see the attached image

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updated answer

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finally do clean and run

Open xCode click top project blue icon. Click Target-> build Phases -> Link Binary With Libraries -> add Other -> open Folder -> click Windows Shift G ->Enter /usr/lib then select library and add to your Project

try it.

This video can help you solving your question :)
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