Is there a way to update VS' CSS validation to 3.0?

By : Will

I'm getting warnings about CSS3.0 properties like text-overflow. Is there a way to validate against 3.0?

HTML5 and CSS3 support is coming to VS2010 in SP1.

And now its here.

By : Will


Try this:!

I've just installed it on my computer and works fine on Visual Studio 2010 sp1

To turn off validation in VS2008 I had to go to Tools > Options > Text Editor > CSS > CSS Specific and uncheck "Detect errors".

By : CTarczon

I do not believe so. But you can turn the validation off if you want. Go to Tools > Options. Expand Text Editor > HTML > Validation. This screen shows all the different validation targets. Uncheck Show Errors if you want to turn the validation off.

This video can help you solving your question :)
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