TFS 2015 build stuck on GIT PUSH


I've added a PowerShell task to checkout a branch and commit some changes once TFSBuild has already cloned my TFS-hosted GIT repository.

It looks like this:

$gitBranch = $env:BUILD_SOURCEBRANCH.Split("/")[-1]

git checkout $gitBranch
git add ../sql/
git commit -m "Updated database backup"
git push

Once I queue a build and it gets executed, it gets stuck on git push:

1 file changed, 1071 insertions(+) create mode 100644 sql/web.sql

I can't figure out how can I fix this issue, because when I run the whole command in the build machine from a Powershell command line, it works flawlessly.


I run a number of Powershell scripts using git and output is redirected to a log file. Git is prompting for credentials and waiting for user input.

Check that you have a properly configured credential manager in place, like Git Credential Manager for Windows, and the credentials are stored for the account running the build.

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By: admin