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I absolutely love the Keep Remote Directory Up-to-date feature in Winscp. Unfortunately, I can't find anything as simple to use in OS X or Linux. I know the same thing can theoretically be accomplished using changedfiles or rsync, but I've always found the tutorials for both tools to be lacking and/or contradictory.

I basically just need a tool that works in OSX or Linux and keeps a remote directory in sync (mirrored) with a local directory while I make changes to the local directory.


Looking through the solutions, I see a couple which solve the general problem of keeping a remote directory in sync with a local directory manually. I know that I can set a cron task to run rsync every minute, and this should be fairly close to real time.

This is not the exact solution I was looking for as winscp does this and more: it detects file changes in a directory (while I work on them) and then automatically pushes the changes to the remote server. I know this is not the best solution (no code repository), but it allows me to very quickly test code on a server while I develop it. Does anyone know how to combine rsync with any other commands to get this functionality?


User and rsync to automate this. Read the following step by step instructions here:

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How "real-time" do you want the syncing? I would still lean toward rsync since you know it is going to be fully supported on both platforms (Windows, too, with cygwin) and you can run it via a cron job. I have a super-simple bash file that I run on my system (this does not remove old files):

rsync -avrz --progress --exclude-from .rsync_exclude_remote . [email protected]_computer:remote_dir    

# options
#   -a  archive
#   -v  verbose
#   -r  recursive
#   -z  compress 

Your best bet is to set it up and try it out. The -n (--dry-run) option is your friend!

Keep in mind that rsync (at least in cygwin) does not support unicode file names (as of 16 Aug 2008).

By : dwj

I'm using this little Ruby-Script:

#!/usr/bin/env ruby
# Rsyncs 2Folders
# watchAndSync by Mike Mitterer, 2014 <>
# with credit to Brett Terpstra <>
# and Carlo Zottmann <>
# Found link on:

trap("SIGINT") { exit }

if ARGV.length < 2
  puts "Usage: #{$0} watch_folder sync_folder"
  puts "Example: #{$0} web keepInSync"

dev_extension = 'dev'
filetypes = ['css','html','htm','less','js', 'dart']

watch_folder = ARGV[0]
sync_folder = ARGV[1]

puts "Watching #{watch_folder} and subfolders for changes in project files..."
puts "Syncing with #{sync_folder}..."

while true do
  files = []
  filetypes.each {|type|
    files += Dir.glob( File.join( watch_folder, "**", "*.#{type}" ) )
  new_hash = files.collect {|f| [ f, File.stat(f).mtime.to_i ] }
  hash ||= new_hash
  diff_hash = new_hash - hash

  unless diff_hash.empty?
    hash = new_hash

    diff_hash.each do |df|
      puts "Detected change in #{df[0]}, syncing..."
      system("rsync -avzh #{watch_folder} #{sync_folder}")

  sleep 1

Adapt it for your needs!

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