How to create a simple bootstrap modal dialog in ASP.NET MVC

By : Bohn

From my login page user clicks on a ForgotPassword link and goes to this page to fill up a form and request a new password


Now when they click Save in that page, their request has been created. So All I need is just a Bootstrap Modal dialog to pop up and say "Your Request Has Been Submitted" and a "OK" button on it, when they click OK it takes them back to login page.

I have never doen Ajax,Popup dialog, etc.. like this. Can you point me to some tutorial code that is not too complex to follow and reproduce? because my modal is really simple, contains no data, just has a static text and an OK button that redirects to login page on it.

By : Bohn


I'd reccomend bootbox.js (

It's a nice little plugin for bootstrap that enables some very simple but pquite pretty bootstrap styled modal behaviour and provides just what you need.

The documentation is pretty good too.

You can setup your Bootstrap Modal like this:

By : AnhTriet

This video can help you solving your question :)
By: admin