Persistent SMTP connection in PHPMailer


How to enable persistent SMTP connections in PHPMailer?

I will send many emails, so with persistent connections probably I will get performance gain.

We really don't care here if your server gets blacklisted, right? This is how to achieve what you want. Just set to true the SMTPKeepAlive property and after the bulk sending, call implicitly the SmtpClose() method.

$phpMailer = New PHPMailer();
$phpMailer->SMTPKeepAlive = true;

for ( ... ) {
    // Send your emails right away
    [ ... ]

By : Mauro

What do you mean by persistent SMTP connection?

First if you send a Email you are connected to the Server until it finishes the job. Secondly if you wanna send many emails (Probably your server will be in the blacklist), you write a loop in your PHP code, whitch fetches all Email adresses and passes them to the phpmailer and finaly sendts them. Thats how i would send mass mails.

By optimising the sending of emails, you might open yourself up as being identified as spamming and so cause web servers to block your IP.

How many emails are you sending? It may be better to actually throttle emails sent rather than speed up.

This video can help you solving your question :)
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