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Recently I have started playing with jQuery, and have been following a couple of tutorials. Now I feel slightly competent with using it (it's pretty easy), and I thought it would be cool if I were able to make a 'console' on my webpage (as in, you press the ` key like you do in FPS games, etc.), and then have it Ajax itself back to the server in-order to do stuff.

I originally thought the best way would be to just get the text inside the textarea, and then split it, or should I use the keyup event, convert the keycode returned to an ASCII character, append the character to a string and send the string to the server (then empty the string).

I couldn't find any information on getting text from a textarea, all I got was keyup information. Also, how can I convert the keycode returned to an ASCII character?

By : RodgerB


You should have a div that just contains the console messages, that is, previous commands and their output. And underneath put an input or textarea that just holds the command you are typing.

| consle output ...           |
| more output                 |
| prevous commands and data   |
> This is an input box.

That way you just send the value of the input box to the server for processing, and append the result to the console messages div.

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Where it is often the text function you use (e.g. in divs etc) then for text area it is val




$('#myTextBox').val('new value');

Methinks the word "console" is causing the confusion.

If you want to emulate an old-style full/half duplex console, you'd use something like this:

    $.get("url", { keyCode: event.which }, ... );
    return true;

event.which has the key that was pressed. For backspace handling, event.which === 8.

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