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By : CLiown

I've written this piece of code, which outputs the profile_display_fields for the $USER:

$appearance = profile_display_fields($USER->id);
        if (empty($appearance)) {
            //Do nothing
        } else {
            foreach ($appearance as $c) {
            $custom .= '<a href=\''.$CFG->wwwroot.'/course/view.php?id='.$c->id.'\'>'.$c->fullname.'</a>';

Here is the function I'm using:

function profile_display_fields($userid) {
    global $CFG, $USER;

    if ($categories = get_records_select('user_info_category', '', 'sortorder ASC')) {
        foreach ($categories as $category) {
            if ($fields = get_records_select('user_info_field', "categoryid=$category->id", 'sortorder ASC')) {
                foreach ($fields as $field) {
                    $newfield = 'profile_field_'.$field->datatype;
                    $formfield = new $newfield($field->id, $userid);
                    if ($formfield->is_visible() and !$formfield->is_empty()) {
                        print_row(s($formfield->field->name.':'), $formfield->display_data());

What I'm looking to do is try some var_dumps to output the correct data.

However can anyone help me identify the variables?

By : CLiown


In your function you are not returning any value but above that in your code, you have assigned a variable to this function:

$appearance = profile_display_fields($USER-
By : Sarfraz

This video can help you solving your question :)
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