How to Determine duplicate Javascript Functions which include in Page


I have an application which use some javascript functions,

As all javascripts include in Masterpage, most of them which comes withpage are not necessary, and some of those are repeated ( cause used in some different JS file. )

So I want to check if there is a way to determine duplicate functions and remove them ?


If the functions from two scripts have the same name, or are named methods of an object, the first function will be replaced by the second when the second script is interpreted.

You will not have two identical functions 'taking up space', but only one.

By : kennebec

Its not clear from the question if you're using Webforms or MVC. In either case you want to be using a script manager of some sort.

For MVC I found this researching much the same problem: A Simple ScriptManager for ASP.NET MVC

For Webforms, erm, not sure, I have to go do my homework again

By : Murph

Unfortunately, unless they're named the same, or reference the same classes or IDs, this is extremely difficult. But, if it's a duplicate it should fall under one of those matches. I say this because after a major conversion in our project I went back and cleaned up all the javascript into nice namespaces and had this same issue.

This answer is going to suck, and I apologize: Ctrl Shift F. Search for the same function names, or the same classes/IDs if you think it has a different name/same function.

I find searching for function name, #id and .class to be the most productive. Also exclude .cs files from your search. This will minimize the time since the preceeding # and . will only appear when using in jQuery, but it's still a very manual process.

I hope someone has a better solution here, and if they do I'll feel like an idiot, but I honestly could not find a better way in VS 2008 to do this.

This video can help you solving your question :)
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