jdbc driver for Microsoft SQL Server CE(Compact Edition) 3.5

By : anjanb
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I want to be able to explore the contents of a DB for this version of the DB. I was thinking of using the Squirrel DB client (which needs a JDBC driver).

Therefore, I'm looking for a JDBC type 4 driver for SQL SERVER 3.5. Can somone point me to a FREE OR open source or trial ware ?

If no JDBC driver, how do MS developers explore a given .SDF file ?

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By : anjanb


If you're into linq syntax, you can also use LinqPad. There's a free version that allows exploring the data and editing it. You would pay for autocompletion but you can live without it. I hope this helps.

By : Cedric

Use SDF Viewer to explore your .SDF database file, can also import/export data, script and work with tables, indexes and foreign keys.

By : howard

There is a free program called SQLCeEditor that does it.

I'd still like a JDBC driver though since that would make it easy to use with Eclipse and Java.

By : djangofan

This video can help you solving your question :)
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