Has anyone used C# with a Sales Logix database? [closed]


Has anyone used C# with a Sales Logix database?


Yes. I rewrote a History tab that worked better and faster than the original Best/Sage built-in tab version using datagridviews in C#. It was a .NET plugin and I used Ryan Farley's instructions for getting it to work in SLX 6.x. In SLX 7.x you can use C# and VB.NET natively for building plug in components.

Yes. I have.

(Not the most interesting answer on SOB today, but that's what the question asked...)

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Let platform independent and platform dependent classes/functions be each-others friend classes/functions. :)

And their separate name identifiers permit finer control over instantiation, so coupling is looser. Partial breaks encapsulation foundation of OO far too absolutely, whereas the requisite friend declarations barely relax it just enough to facilitate multi-paradigm Separation of Concerns like Platform Specific aspects from Domain-Specific platform independent ones.

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