Django-tinymce not working; Getting a normal textarea instead


I'm trying to use django-tinymce to make fields that are editable through Django's admin with a TinyMCE field. I am using tinymce.models.HTMLField as the field for this.

The problem is it's not working. I get a normal textarea. I check the HTML source, and it seems like all the code needed for TinyMCE is there. I also confirmed that the statically-served JavaScript file is indeed being served. But for some reason it isn't working.

What I did notice though, is that if I avoid setting TINYMCE_COMPRESSOR = True in the settings file, it does start to work. What can cause this behavior?


What are your webserver and web browser. Perhaps it is trying to set the gzip/bzip header and the server isn't processing it... so it goes out plaintext but the client expects compressed?

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By: admin