How to get all results from a Firebase Query in one block


I'm having a hard time working with Firebase query results. With the following code:

        .observeEventType(.ChildAdded, withBlock: { snapshot in
        print("result: \(snapshot) ")

The "result" is printed 3 times. I would expect a single array of all of the results (similar to a query on Parse) versus this being printed 3 separate times.

The end goal here is to append all of the results to an Array. However, I don't know how to do that, since I can't see any way of knowing how many elements will come back from the server.

I assume there must be something simple I am missing here.


It appears it was something simple I was missing. Changing the event type from .ChildAdded to .Value resolves the issue. Hopefully this will help someone else...

 var resultArray:[AnyObject] = []
            .observeEventType(.Value, withBlock: { snapshot in

                for item in snapshot.children{
                print("Results Array: \(resultArray)")
                print("Results Array Count: \(resultArray.count)")


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