how can i find my generated files logstash?

By : k. oth

I'm beginner with ELK stack , so I configured logstash , and when I want to search with ElasticSearch I have no results , so I'm supposed to get a result , because I do my parse on grokdebug and it works very well . I do my research as follows:


I wanted to know if I can see my logstash files generated and if it generated the results or not?

knowing that I tried searching elastic search on a JSON file and it works.

The problem is at logstash .


By : k. oth


Logstash does not generate any file (except for its configuration). To debug your logstash instance, you can :

  • Use the --verbose flag and/or --debug
  • Use the -l "file.log" to output logs in file.log (default to stdout)
  • Use the stdout output plugin et see the results

Also, did you use the elasticsearch output plugin?

By : Sabmit

This video can help you solving your question :)
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