Callback for form submission (with jQuery)


I have a modal window that presents a form to users. The form includes one or more file uploads as well. Therefore I cannot submit the form with ajax.

At the moment I'm doing a standard submit with a submit button. When the form is submitted (which takes a few seconds in general), a PDF is generated and sent back for download (i.e. the Content-Disposition: attachment header), to force the download. Once the upload of the form data has completed, I need to close the modal window. If I call the close method straight way the submission never completes and the file download is never triggered (I think this is because the modal window is removed from the DOM). I can set a timeout, but there could be n number of images, so the time it takes to upload is unpredictable (and relative to the number of uploads).

I've looked at the jQuery form plugin (, but apparently it uses an iframe to upload files, so I'm not sure if it will achieve what I need.

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The Form plugin you mentioned should work - why do you suspect it won't?

By : nickf

This video can help you solving your question :)
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