Firebase when query is empty


I perform a query using firebase to check if there are any objects that have a child with a certain value. The problem is if there are no such objects the code doesn't run. So in the code below if there are no objects that have a child with facebookID that is 17 the rest of the code will never run. Is there a way to determine when a query finds 0 results?

func previousUser(completion:(result:Bool)->Void){

    var queryFound = false
    print("check if user is previous")
    let ref = Firebase(url:"")
    ref.queryOrderedByChild("facebookID").queryEqualToValue(17).observeSingleEventOfType(.ChildAdded, withBlock: { snapshot in

    print("query has ran")
    UserData.globalparseID = snapshot.key

    queryFound = true



To check whether a query returns 0 results, you can check the snapshot as following:

if snapshot.exists() {
   // write relevant logic here
else {
   // handle the case when a query finds 0 results 

In your case,

func previousUser(completion:(result:Bool)-

Check your ref to make sure it's valid.

and try this

           .observeEventType(.Value, withBlock: { snapshot in

              if snapshot.value is NSNull {
                 print("dude, snapshot was null")
              } else {


Change .ChildAdded to .Value and then check for NSNull

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