tfs 2015 build not performing nuget package restore

By : MikeW

I have a bit of a strange situation. 2 applications in the same tfs repository, both using near identical build definitions, both using nuget packages, one performs a package restore, one does not.

Both build definitions contain the 'Restore NuGet Packages' option checked:

enter image description here

both have same .sln and .vbproj file structures.

build log of the 'good' one gives:

enter image description here

and the 'bad' one doesnt:

enter image description here

Build controller/agent is the same, I cant see any difference in the build definition or the solution configuration.

My question is where do I start looking for why these are doing something different?

By : MikeW


Turns out the packages.config files for each of the projects were not checked in to TFS, without these there was nothing to restore. Stupid error!

By : MikeW

This video can help you solving your question :)
By: admin