Run - Time Check Failure #2 in C File processing


Run-Time Check Failure #2 - Stack around the variable 'filename' was corrupted.

My code works whenever I try to process the first memory location. I can process the .txt file correctly, and I can print it. Nevertheless, when I ask for a second memory location, the program crashes. I tried to increase the size of filename, and I am also closing the first file, so I am clueless. Any help is acceptable! Thank you!!

This is a photo of the output

This is my code:

#include <stdio.h>

#define SIZE 100 //100 entries (100lines on a file)
#define SENSORN 100

int main()
    FILE *fptr;
    char filename[1000];

    char dummy1[1];//dummy character that help me to erase what is the buffer when using gets()
    int numberOfSensors;
    int time[SENSORN][SIZE];
    float powerConsumption[SENSORN][SIZE];

    int sensor_num;
    int count1 = 0;

    printf("Please enter the number of sensors: ");
    scanf("%d", &numberOfSensors);

    //Asking for the link 
    //numberOfSensors - 1 because for example, if we want only 2 sensors we need sensor0 and sensor1 only
    for (sensor_num = 0; sensor_num <= (numberOfSensors - 1); sensor_num++)
        printf("Please enter the file location for sensor %d\n", sensor_num);
        gets(dummy1);//clearing the buffer

        fptr = fopen(filename, "r");

        //if file cannot be opened, then display and error message
        if (fptr == NULL)
            printf("Error opening the file! %s \n", filename);
            printf("Please restart the program \n");
            return 0; //exit the program

            //Loop that let us read and print all the file by storing each value to its respective array

            while (!feof(fptr))
                //storing all the values in their respective array
                //sensor_num is the sensor number
                //count1 is the line number we are reading from the file
                fscanf(fptr, "%d %f", &time[sensor_num][count1], &powerConsumption[sensor_num][count1]);

                //making sure we have all the values stored
                //Note: do not comment the following line in order to check that all values are stored
                fprintf(stdout, "%d %6.2f \n", time[sensor_num][count1], powerConsumption[sensor_num][count1]);
        //closing file


As Martin James said char dummy1[1]; is an absolute no-no.

Use fgets() instead of gets(), so instead of

gets(dummy1);//clearing the buffer


fgets( filename, sizeof(filename) , stdin );

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