What will be the behaviour of creating a single RabbitListenerContainerFactory with 2 consumers and multiple endpoints to listen messages

By : Naveen
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I have a requirement where I have 1 direct exchange and 5 different queues bind to it with unique routing key. Basically the each queue is meant for different consumer endpoints. I am using the spring managed endpoint registry using the @RabbitListener. So there are 5 endpoints registered. While I was implementing it I have created a single RabbitListenerContainerFactory with a concurrentConsumer value as 2. But I have a question on this, if there is a single factory created with consumer size as 2 then will all the endpoint will have separate consumers or the consumers are created per factory and this containerFactory will serve all the 5 endpoints. So if the 2 consumer serves all the 5 queues will there won't be a unbalancing in load where the other queue consumers will be idle until one queue messages is served first? Should I create separate containerFactory for different endpoints?

By : Naveen


Each @RabbitListener gets its own container, each with 2 consumers.

It's a container factory that is used to create a container for each annotated method. Consider it to be like a "template"; much like the

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