looking for Java GUI components / ideas for syntax highlighting [closed]

By : rgcb
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I'm not committed to any particular GUI tookit or anything - just needs to be Java based. I want to do simple syntax highlighting ( XML and XQuery ) inside editable text areas.

My only candidate so far is Swing's JTextPane, as it supports seems to support the styling of text, but I have no idea how to implement it in this context.

If a particular toolkit has something like this out of the box, that would be awesome, but I'm open to doing this by hand if need be.

By : rgcb


Why not check out Ostermiller's Syntax Highlighter.

Here's a simple code editor demo

It still uses JTextPane though.

Jide software has a Syntax Highligher component. It is still in beta, but I think it supposed XML. I haven't used it myself, so I don't know how well it will do what you want.

By : faran

JSyntaxPane handles XML and can be extended


Or, it should be possible to extract the NetBeans editor, but that would probably be more work...

[edit] btw, I got the XML info from here... it doesn't seem to mention it on the google code pages...

By : tim_yates

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