How to save content of a page call into a file in jsp/java?

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By : Zoheir

In jsp/java how can you call a page that outputs a xml file as a result and save its result (xml type) into a xml file on server. Both files (the file that produces the xml and the file that we want to save/overwrite) live on the same server.

Basically I want to update my test.xml every now and then by calling generate.jsp that outputs a xml type result.

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By : Zoheir

If the request is idempotent, then just use to get an InputStream of the JSP output. E.g.

InputStream input = new URL("").openStream();

If the request is not idempotent, then you need to replace the PrintWriter of the response with a custom implementation which copies the output into some buffer/builder. I've posted a code example here before: Capture generated dynamic content at server side

Once having the output, just write it to disk the usual way, assuming that JSP's are already in XHTML format.

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Why don't you use a real template engine like FreeMarker? That would be easier.

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