How to preserve white-spaces of TextBlock in UWP apps


If you simply set the value of Text property in a TextBlock as "Example   " (Note that there 3 whitespaces at the end of this string),what TextBlock shows in UI is just "Example".

And after searching for solutions on the Internet, I found that there is a way to solve this issue:

<Border BorderThickness="1" 
    <TextBlock x:Name="t1">
        <Run Text="Example&#160;&#160;&#160;"/>

The above code shows the use of Inline Property of TextBlock and &#160; in Run's Text displays the whitespace correctly.

However, im my case I need to set the Text property of TextBlock in Code-behind(or via DataBinding), the trick above doesn't work and it shows Example&#160;&#160;&#160; in UI.

I tried to set the value of Run's Text property by data binding, which I think can displays the escape character correctly, but Run's Text property is NOT a dependency property so I have no better way to solve this.

(However I think use padding property of TextBlock is also a trick to do this, and it should work. But there is any better way to do ?)


You can try setting the xml:space property to preserve in your XAML

This video can help you solving your question :)
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