Trigger Webjobs at a particular time


I want to trigger an Azure Webjob 24Hours after I have added a record to a database using .NET . Obviously there will be multiple tasks for the Webjob to handle, all at their designated time. Is there a way ( in the Azure Library for .NET) in which i can schedule this tasks ?

I am free to use Message Queues , but I want to try and avoid the unnecessary polling of the WebJob for new messages.


Since the event of adding a record to the database is the trigger here, You can use Azure Management Libraries to create a Azure Scheduler Job to execute after 24hrs from the time the db record is inserted. Azure Scheduler Jobs can do only 3 things : make HTTP/HTTPS requests or Put Message in Queue. Since you do not want to poll queues, here are two options

  1. Deploy the existing Web Job as Wep API where each task is reachable by unique URLs, so that the scheduler task can execute the right HTTP/HTTPS request

  2. Create a new WebAPI/Wep API which takes accepts request (like a man in the middle) and pro-grammatically run the existing web job on demand, again using Azure management libraries.

Please let me know if any of these strategies help.

By : Sri Kanth

To invoke a WebJob from your Website,is not good idea rather than you can add the WebJob code inside your Website and simply call that code. you can still easily use the WebJob SDK from inside your Website.

we wouldn't recommend to invoke the WebJob from your Website is that the invocation contains a secret you rather not store on your Website (deployment credentials).

Recommendation: To separate WebJob and Website code, the best thing to do is to communicate using a queue, the WebJob listens on the queue and the Website pushes the request to the queue.

This video can help you solving your question :)
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