how to work with 128 bits C variable and xmm 128 bits asm?

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in gcc, i want to do a 128 bits xor with 2 C variables, via asm code: how?

asm (
    "movdqa %1, %%xmm1;"
    "movdqa %0, %%xmm0;"
     "pxor %%xmm1,%%xmm0;"
     "movdqa %%xmm0, %0;"

    :"=x"(buff) /* output operand */
    :"x"(bu), "x"(buff)

but i have a Segmentation fault error; this is the objdump output:

movq   -0x80(%rbp),%xmm2

movq   -0x88(%rbp),%xmm3

movdqa %xmm2,%xmm1

movdqa %xmm2,%xmm0

pxor   %xmm1,%xmm0

movdqa %xmm0,%xmm2

movq   %xmm2,-0x78(%rbp)
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Umm, why not use the __builtin_ia32_pxor intrinsic?

By : ephemient

Under late model gcc (mine is 4.5.5) the option -O2 or above implies -fstrict-aliasing which causes the code given above to complain:

supersuds.cpp:31: warning: dereferencing pointer ‘v64’ does break strict-aliasing rules
supersuds.cpp:30: note: initialized from here

This can be remedied by supplying additional type attributes as follows:

typedef int64_t __attribute__((__may_alias__)) alias_int64_t; 
void print128(__m128i value) {
    alias_int64_t *v64 = (int64_t*)  

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