Is there a way to get jadclipse working with Eclipse 3.4?


I'm a big fan of the Jadclipse plugin and I'd really like to upgrade to Eclipse 3.4 but the plugin currently does not work. Are there any other programs out there that let you use jad to view source of code you navigate to from Eclipse? (Very useful when delving into ambiguous code in stack traces).

By : Alex Argo


I'm successfully using JadClipse with Eclipse 3.4

Eclipse 3.4.0.I20080617-2000
JadClipse 3.3.0

It just works!

EDIT: Actually, see OlegSOM's answer below for the additional steps that you might need to remember to take, if like me you forget to read documentation sometimes!

using this update site with myeclipse 8.5 seems to work fine:

FYI Jeff

By : kishjeff

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