How to create a pop up with Knockout?


I currently have a wijmo grid where a list of columns with checkbox appears after binding is done. I would like to add the checkboxes to a pop up so that it is visible only on click. The following code is what i have to hide and unhide the columns on checked and unchecked conditions.

 self.hideCols = function () {
            var columns = $('#Grid').wijgrid("option", "columns"),
                       listContainer = $("#columnsList"),
                       checkBox, isChecked;

            $.each(columns, function (index, col) {
                isChecked = (col.visible)
                    ? "checked = 'checked'"
                    : "";

                checkBox = $("<label><input type='checkbox' " + isChecked + " />" + col.headerText + "</label>");
       (e) {
                    columns[index].visible = $(this).children("input")[0].checked;

I got it. Just had to create a pop up using HTML and include the columnlist inside the <div id="dialog" data-bind="wijdialog: {disabled: disabled, autoOpen: autoOpen, draggable: draggable, modal: modal, resizable: resizable }" title="Uncheck to Hide Columns"> <table id="columnsList"></table> </div>

This video can help you solving your question :)
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