Exporting a DOORS Module with batch and dxl?


I have a dxl script which exports an open module as a XML-file to a given path. Now I would like to run this script within a batch-file, so that it can be automated.

the problem is: using the -batch command in the batch-file, the module is not opening, and thus the script is not working.

So I thought to open the module in doors execute the export and close DOORS again. But I can't figure out, how to open the module directly.

I tried with:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\ibm\Rational\DOORS\9.6\bin\doors.exe" -dxl C:\Users\bal2LR\Desktop\DOORSScript\Doors2xml.dxl -project /Project/SW/SRS/SST -user Manu -password test

the module is called SST. I get the Error, the project SST was not found... Of course not, because it's not a project, it's a module.

Somebody knows how to do it? Maybe only open the project, open in the script the module and at the end of the script I close everything again? Do you know the commands? Or is there a better way? the perfect result would be that it works in batch-mode...

By : deSteini


I figured it out by myself with the help of the DOORS Support.

for everybody who has the same problem: you can open the module and the view in the beginning of the script:

Module mod= read("/Projekte/test/SW/SRS/SST",false)
View v= view("SST_Complete")
bool test 
test = load(mod,v)

That's all. Additionally you can pass variables with the -cli command in the command prompt to change the module or view. This is also working in Batch-Mode =)

By : deSteini

This video can help you solving your question :)
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