this.setState is not a function, react native


I am aware there are similar issues but none of them helped me to fix mine.

So here is my issue.

I am working with react native and using the flux dispatcher. Dispatch and register of my app dispatcher works fine. My issue is that when I want to change/set the state inside the dispatch register function I always get the error message that this.setState() is not a function. Of course I thought this must be a binding issue then (writing in es6), so I tried all sorts of binding "this" but I still can't get it work. Has anyone any idea why?

Here is that bit of code that doesn't work:

testDispatcher() {    
    AppDispatcher.register( (action) => {
        if ( action.action === TEST_ACTION ) {
            // I tried setting state inside here
                view: action.view
            }).bind(this); // with or without this bind doesn't make a difference

            // I also tried having a function outside of this function where I set the state.. this doesn't work either.
            console.log('dispatch register');

I also tried to console log "this" inside my register function and "this" does return my app class.

By : alexjson


My class didn't extend from React Component, therefore this.setState was not a function.

By : alexjson

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