Ideas for creating a “Did you mean XYZ” feature into website


I'd like to give users the ability to search through a large list of businesses, but still find near matches.

Does anyone have any recommendations on how best to go about this when you're not targeting simple dictionary words, but instead complex names like ABC Business Name?



This is probably a crazy solution but could you split the business name by space and then search either all the items or maybe the first couple.

So you might search on 'ABC' and 'Business' but leave out 'Name' as this might take too long.

You might even check to see if the string is of a certain length, then trim and just search on the first say 5 letters.

Have you had a look at "soundex" as a way of searching through your businesses. Again, I think you'd need to split the name by space.

By : griegs

You might check out the SQL Server SOUNDEX and DIFFERENCE functions. SOUNDEX converts a sequence of characters (such as a word) into a 4-character code which will be the same for similar-sounding words. DIFFERENCE gives a number which represents how "different" two strings are based on sound.

You could, for example, create a computed column based on the SOUNDEX function and match on that column later. Or you could use DIFFERENCE in a WHERE clause.

By : Aaron

Consider using Keyword match and edit distance based similarity. Might combine with 'original searched' to 'actually clicked'.

By : Dr. Xray

This video can help you solving your question :)
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