How to store mail password on server side?


I need to send e-mails from my application that is deployed on Weblogic 10.0. I try to put mail session properties on server side. Properties like or mail.debug work OK. But how do I configure password? Now I have it in spring configuration file:

<bean id="mailSender"
    <property name="session" ref="mailSession"/>
    <property name="username" value="myLogin"></property>
    <property name="password" value="myPassword"></property>
<bean id="alertsMailSession" class="org.springframework.jndi.JndiObjectFactoryBean">
    <property name="jndiName">
    <property name="resourceRef"> 

I tried mail.smtp.password property, but it doesn't work. Sun documentation says there is no property for password (although I've seen mail.smtp.password in some examples). So how should I do it? Is it possible to have login/password information configured on server, not in application?

All of you suggest some properties files. I don't want them. I have a mail session on my application server. I get this session by JNDI. I can configure there host to use to send mails and so on. But I can't put there password. It doesn't work. I want all of the configuration to be done by Weblogic console. How to achieve that?


There are already answers on using a Properties file, but one important aspect that may be missing. Does this account password need to be protected ?

If so, you might consider encrypting the file or the key. A simple embedded encryption key in the code may be sufficient. Either encrypt the field or the whole file.

By : Jim Rush

There is a way to do this, even though Weblogic does not automatically recognize the mail.smtp.password property. You can add this property as usual to the JavaMail Properties field and send the email in your EJB as follows:

public class MailBean {
    private Session session;

    public void sendMail() {
        Transport transport = null;
        try {
            Message message = new MimeMessage(session);
            // prepare your mail here...
            transport = session.getTransport("smtp");
            String user = session.getProperty("mail.smtp.user"); 
            String password = session.getProperty("mail.smtp.password");
            transport.connect(user, password);
            transport.sendMessage(message, message.getAllRecipients());
        } finally {
            if (transport != null) try { transport.close(); } 
            catch (MessagingException e) { e.printStackTrace(); }

Not sure whether this will help in weblogic, as I work with websphere atm, but I'd imagine would work in weblogic as well:

set-up your username and password in your spring context as such:

By : beny23

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