Trying to publish an azure webjob from visual studio 2013 update 4


I've been trying to get a very simple Azure webjob deployed from visual studio 2013. I've written the job it just outputs some stuff to the console and now I'm trying to deploy it.

I clicked "Deploy As Azure Webjob" and got an error saying that the deploy target couldn't be found so after a bit of digging (on this site) I installed MSBuild.Microsoft.VisualStudio.Web.Targets from nuget and included that in my csproj.

Unfortunately I still get an error and I'm just not sure how to config the error out as I am sure thats all it needs.

The error is:

Error MSB4044: The "GetDeployManagedRuntimeVersion" task was not given a value for the required parameter "TargetFrameworkVersion".

I know what that means but am not entirely sure how to fix in this instance.

I recently encountered this issue as well. This solution worked for me. Add the DeployDefaultTargetFrameworkVersion property to your project file:

    <!-- ... Other props ... -->

I got this answer from:

Edit: The site is down now, but here is a cached version of the page for those who are curious:

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