Is there a way to save the instance of a variable during debugging to reuse?

By : Jim

I am debugging something and I end up in a function that takes as parameters a keymap with many key-value pairs.
I would like to be able to reproduce this exact flow but I would be interested in re-using this exactly map (I mean the contents).
The map is populated by other parts of the program and going over the parts or somehow "copy/pasting" the values from the debugger is tedious. I thought there might be a standard solution to this.
Is there a way to somehow save the instance of the keymap and somehow create it in another program? Like serializing in a file I guess and reading in the file

By : Jim


Writting your keymap in a file is a solution. You can use JSON format to easily convert it.

By : Bubu

This video can help you solving your question :)
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