menu_main.xml preview does not synchronize ( Android Studio 1.1.0

By : Loua

menu_main.xml preview does not synchronize.
(Android Studio 1.1.0, and I have java 8.)

I synchronized the project, cleared it, and refreshed the preview.. but I still can't see any changes on the preview.

Other layouts previews are working fine, the problem is only with menu_main.xml preview.

Everything is fine now on Android Studio 1.2.0

By : Loua


Copy the code from main_activity.xml. Clear main_activity.XML. Create a main_activity.xml Insert the code into it.

For me, I ran into this issue .. assuming that And. Studio does auto save and that propagates to the preview window. I had to actually click Ctrl-Save for the layout resource I updated, and then sometimes had to refresh the preview window.

But if I didn't explicitly save, the changes would not propogate

By : gnB

This video can help you solving your question :)
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