Access to methods in an abstract class in a Android Studio library

By : Pich

I created an library in Android Studio (aar) and have successfully imported it into another application I have created. In the library, I have a base abstract class which I extend from in order to make the class that I want to use in my new application. In my application, I am successful in calling methods in the library's child class but it doesn't seem to have access to the methods in the base abstract class.


AbstractClass {
    public void methodAbstractClass();

ChildClass extends AbstractClass {
    public void methodChildMethod();


  import ChildClass;

  MainApplication {
     public void doWork() {
       methodChildMethod(); // Works
       methodAbstractClass(); // Does not work, not visible

Am I missing something? Do I need to add overriding calls in my ChildClass class in the library so that the application can access methods in the AbstractClass class?


By : Pich


Might be that you're only importing the ChildClass.

By : imorsi

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