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By : Trondh

I have the following xml:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <section name="Options">
    <item key="HLVersionControlWebServiceURL" value="" />
    <item key="AltinnWebServiceURL" value="" />
    <item key="WorkDir" value="F:\Altinn\Work\" />
    <item key="CatalogDir" value="F:\Altinn\Work\" />
  <section name="Users">
    <item key="1" value="Admin" name="Administrator" fNr="" password="" entsystype="1" entsysid="180967" entsyspassword="" lastLogin="20091111161516" allowra0500="1" allowrf1037="1" allowra01821="1" allowra01822="0" allowrf1015="1" altinnuserpassword="/qwHHYwYinE=" />
  <section name="SchemaTypes">
    <item key="RF1037" displayname="Terminoppgave" inputdir="F:\Altinn\Work\" validationschema=".\melding-669-8570.xsd" isSubForm="0" isSignable="0" />
    <item key="RA0500" displayname="SSB L?nnsstatistikk" inputdir="C:\Program Files (x86)\Personec\Altinn Monitor\Work\" validationschema=".\melding-868-7612.xsd" isSubForm="0" isSignable="0" />
    <item key="RA01821" displayname="SSB Frav?rsstatistikk bedrift" inputdir="C:\Program Files (x86)\Personec\Altinn Monitor\Work\" validationschema=".\melding-862-6190.xsd" isSubForm="0" isSignable="0" />
    <item key="RF1015" displayname="?rsoppgave m/ LTO" inputdir="C:\Program Files (x86)\Personec\Altinn Monitor\Work\" validationschema=".\melding-210-7928.xsd" orid="210" orversion="7928" isSubForm="0" isSignable="1" />
    <item key="RF1015U" displayname="" inputdir="" validationschema=".\melding-1083-7930.xsd" orid="1083" orversion="7930" isSubForm="1" isSignable="1" />

And I need to alter the item key WorkDir in Powershell. When using "regular" xml-read I get to the top sections (options, users, and so on) but not the "item key" nodes within each. How can I edit the value for WorkDir in powershell? (I realize I could just use a dirty string replace but I'd rather do it "properly".

By : Trondh

$invocation = (Get-Variable MyInvocation).Value
$directorypath = Split-Path $invocation.MyCommand.Path

[xml]$userfile = Get-Content $directorypath\MainSetting.xml
$Value = $userfile.GetElementsByTagName("node")

Foreach ($ValueName in $Value)

You can load your XML into a LINQ XDocument class from PowerShell like this:

[Reflection.Assembly]::LoadWithpartialName("System.Xml.Linq") | Out-Null
$xDoc = [System.Xml.Linq.XDocument]::Parse($myXmlString)

From there you can use the usual LINQ to XML methods to replace the attribute as in this example. If you prefer you could use the older XmlDocument class in a similar way.

By : GraemeF

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