findViewById() returns null for custom component in layout XML, not for other components


I have a res/layout/main.xml including these elements and others:

<some.package.MyCustomView android:id="@+id/foo" (some other params) />
<TextView android:id="@+id/boring" (some other params) />

In my Activity's onCreate, I do this:

(TextView) boring = findViewById(;
// ...find other elements...
MyCustomView foo = (MyCustomView) findViewById(;
if (foo == null) { Log.d(TAG, "epic fail"); }

The other elements are found successfully, but foo comes back null. MyCustomView has a constructor MyCustomView(Context c, AttributeSet a) and a Log.d(...) at the end of that constructor appears successfully in logcat just before the "epic fail".

Why is foo null?


My problem was a typo. I had written (dot) instead of android:id. :P

Apparently there is no syntax check within my custom component xml. :(

By : JOG

Had the same problem.

I had layout with few children. From constructor of one them I was trying to get reference (by using context.findViewById) to other child. It wasn't working because the second child was defined further in layout.

I've resolved it like this:

MyView first = findViewById(R.layout.first_child);

It would work as well if the order of children was opposite,but I guess it generally should be done like above.

By : Kangur

The findViewById() method sometimes returns null when the root of layout has no android:id attribute. Eclipse wizard for generating layout xml file does not automatically generate android:id attribute for the root element.

By : Santosh

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