What are some excellent examples of user sign-up forms on the web? [closed]


I'm trying to get a sampling of what people think are the best sign-up forms. Good design, usability. Smart engineering. Helpful feedback.

By : pcorcoran


There are some nice shots of sign up forms in the flickr set to go along with Luke Wroblewski's "Web Form Design" book.

(which is jolly good - worth picking up if you're interested in this sort of thing).

By : adrianh

Surprisingly enough, my all-time favorite, of ones I've encountered in the wild, is Dell's, on their IdeaStorm.

If you click on a control that requires a login (to vote up an idea, for example), it automatically refocuses on the login element. If you don't already have an account you can hit the 'register' tab and no page load is required.

The register form is totally lightweight (four fields I think) and uses AJAX to check if the name is already taken. Once you register you're automatically logged in.

Bottom line, it's visually compact, asks for a minimal amount of information, and lets you login or register without ever leaving the original page.

The perfect example of a login form, in my opinion, is the one on 2chan. Read linked wikipedia article to understand.

By : Aur Saraf

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