jQuery XML export or Simple JavaScript file download


I have dynamically created a xml string form a JSON object returned from server. I need to give the user to download this as a file so that when the user click the button named export he/she receives a downloadable.xml file and can be save d on local machine.

Is this possible?


Have you generated the file on the server or on the client?

If you have generated the file at the server you can use the content-disposition header. You also need to set the content type to application/xml or text/xml.

If you have generated the file using jQuery, then it isn't possible for the user to save it locally. Javascript isn't allowed access to the file system.

I was recently looking for something similar, and came across Downloadify. It appears to use a feature of Flash 10 to work around the filesystem limitation of JavaScript.

This video can help you solving your question :)
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